Our locations in Colombia and Panama are among South America’s top FBOs, serving all mayor cities across both countries. Our founder, German Salgado was a corporate pilot for nearly 22 years, flying all over the world. In his flights he noticed the lack of service at many South American FBOs. Some smaller countries had no FBO at all. Therefore, he took it into his own hands to create a new and better option for the most demanding clients. “I had flown to some of the world’s best, so I borrowed from those customer experiences and started Aerosupport” he says. Not only did he build better FBOs, he established new ones at locations where there were no service providers for general aviation aircraft.

He built our first location in Bogota, Colombia 20years ago. Today we have a network of modern 24/7 facilities and serve all major cities across Colombia and Panama. We service nearly all fortune 500 companies at all our location. With more than 20 years of ground handling and flight dispatching experience, we are the best ground handling option in Colombia and Panama. “Being a pilot I think like my customers and know what they want. I train my staff to see the customer’s perspective like I do; to think of all the possible scenarios and have everything in place beforehand.”


Aerosupport seeks to provide an unparalleled and unique experience to both crew and passengers, becoming one of the most gratifying and memorable parts of their trip.



To be acknowledged as the most efficient, trusted and committed FBO chain in the region.



With more than 20 years of experience, an excellent team and the highest quality standards we are the best option for your trip to Colombia or Panama.

  • Our company values demonstrate our commitment to excellence.
  • Establish a lasting and trustworthy relationships
  • Entrench safety as our number 1 priority
  • Guarantee Integrity and accountability
  • Assure transparency and responsibility